Our Story

Go hands free with Sling Supreme. Ergonomic bag carrier allows you to carry multiple bags leaving you free for phone calls, coffee, walking your dog while carrying groceries and more.
Yves-Claude a retired designer and his dog Sammie live in a Chinatown 4th floor walkup. For over 15 years, Yves has walked up four flight of stairs at least five times a day while carrying everything from grocery bags to paint cans.
Finally, he was tired and knew  there must to be a better way to carry multiple items at one time. He tried to find a tool to solve that need, to no avail. Then...Eureka!


Necessity being the mother of inventions, Yves and his team put their heads together. After developing many iterations, Yves designed the Sling Supreme. And Sling Supreme was born!


  • Multiple testing in real-life scenarios, he and his team hauled 40 lbs of groceries one mile (nearest Trader Joe's).
  • They evaluated the task, first by hand, and then by utilizing the newly designed Sling Supreme.
  • After repeated test runs, they found carrying by hand was an arduous procedure and requiring frequent stops to rest.
  • However, using just the Sling Supreme, our testers carried that same weight and amount of bundles without stopping-- while answering the phone AND holding on to a dog's  leash--- And carry an umbrella!
The test proved the theory. Sling Supreme allows carrying shopping bags hands-free! 
Because a shoulder is stronger than hands leaving Sling Supreme able to carry heavier loads.
It also aligns  posture and distributes the weight load evenly.
Sling Supreme is ideal for any person carrying several bundles including older adults, hunters, mothers, messengers, firefighters and more. 
Sling Supreme is the smart carrier with a ten-year replacement guarantee. 
Sling Supreme