"This sling has saved me on countless occasions. It’s compact and fits in my shoulder bag. I always travel with one where ever I go. It distributes weight of my shopping bags evenly so I can carry on with ease."

Sabrina Beauty and Cosmetics

"On my last trip to New York I purchased the Sling Supreme. I never could have imagined that a piece of fabric, two carabiner hooks and a great design can change literally my life."

"Using Sling Supreme on my shoulder not just allows me to carry a greater weight, it also gives me the magnificence to do my shopping tour with hands free!
A genius invention, which should be in any household if you are young or old.
Thank you!!!"
Carolin Ehrenburg, Buenos Aires

"Hi my name is Bobby Wilson and I have been using the Sling supreme for 2 years now, a gift from Yves Claude.

I use it when I go hunting carrying my backpack and bags together over my shoulder really distributes the weight evenly making the trek into the wilderness a lot easier.

Thank you again Yves."